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Certified Anatomy In Motion Practitioner



WE OFFER whole body biomechaniCAL & gait cycle SERVICES for runners

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I'm Phil. I show runners the steps to take to achieve healthy resilient movement. Breathing techniques, effective warm up and cool downs, mobility exercises, mindful movement & running in nature.


I'll help you create a simple movement practice to last a lifetime.


I'm ready to help you on a journey where you look forward to every run.

Personal Trainer, Born To Run Technique Coach & Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

Experienced runner of 13 years. Running distances from 1-30 miles.

Helped hundreds of runners to improve their movement self care practice

Holistic Healthy Movement Accessible For All - What We Offer

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Joint Biomechanics

Natural Movement

Functional Living

Move More Of Your Body Parts (Workshop)
Creating A Movement Practice For Runners (10 Week Series)
Joint Motion Analysis (Personal Coaching)
THRIVE Walking Group (Free)
Cross Terraining (Workshop)
Mindful Run (Workshop)
NBR Connect
Running Group
Movement Filled Life
(Free Workshop)

Move, Eat, Rest & Sleep - Healthy Lifestyle For Runners


Creating A Movement Plan For Daily Living (PT)

Contact Phil

You can contact me about ANYTHING! I love to chat about running; happy to give exercise advice, route ideas, barefoot/minimalist footwear brands, or if you just want to meet up for a brew and a natter, fantastic - black americano please q. If you're interested in any workshops or want to know more about the 1-1 or small group services I offer then happy to chat those options through with you too.