But I've Got High Rigid Arches!

foot Jan 20, 2021

It’s a comment I hear and read a lot and it’s typically in response to the invitation of being barefoot.

Labels are hard to shake off. It’s not to say that the person in question is not experiencing issues with that particular skeletal position, it’s more that when the diagnosis was given, it was delivered in a way that eliminated any hope of change. This is what you are and this is how you live with it.

But change is absolutely possible, certainly in the case of high rigid arches. But one thing I’d like to mention before going further:

High rigid arches are natural; in fact they are welcome in the spectrum of natural human movement. They are not bad, dysfunctional or in any way evil. The simple fact that humans can have a rigid arch suggests it is a shape that is required at some point in our movement vocabulary.

However when the foot is stuck in a rigid, high arched shape, whole body movement health and efficiency is reduced. When we have a rigid and...

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Link between energy systems and weight loss

Running is seen as one of the most effective ways to lose weight, and it can be with the right approach.

The means to achieve goals are often oversimplified; if I run I’ll lose weight, if I runner faster I’ll lose even more.

Seems feasible but you have to look deeper at the biochemistry of generating energy to fuel your run.

You have around 2000-2500 calories of glycogen stored in your cells. You have 10000+ stored as fat (triglycerides).

When you run hard the body requires energy quickly and this comes from the glucose present in the blood and the stored glucose (glycogen) in the cells; it’s easy to access and fast to convert into energy.

There just isn’t time to convert fat as the primary energy fuel.

Running intensity directly impacts which energy system you are using. Faster more intense running uses the smaller anaerobic energy system (glucose/sugar burning system). Slower less intense running uses the bigger aerobic energy system (fat burning system).


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