Rewild Your Running

Learn To Run How Nature Intended

Looking At The Whole Picture.

Whether you want to run faster, further or overcome injury, looking at the whole picture will ultimately serve you well.

As runners we tend to be hyper focused and approach our problems in a linear way. If you experience pain, you go to source of the pain to try and fix the problem but frustration hits when all options are exhausted and the problem is still there.

The same goes for running faster and further; by just physically making yourself run quicker/longer is not the answer without consideration of important factors that when neglected will often result in injury, more frustration and a loss of consistency.

That's where I can help.

Natural Born Runners is a holistic coaching method that looks at fundamental - often overlooked, aspects of running. When you include these aspects in your running approach, it sets you up to be more successful in pursuit of your goals.

Learn More About The Elements
Learn About The Elements

What Is The Natural Born Runners Method?

Running well is based on 3 factors: Posture, Rhythm & Relaxation.

The NBR method supports you to improve these factors so each run takes you closer to achieving your goal.

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Here are some of the methods I have engaged in and adapted through personal experience.

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Born To Run Technique Coach

Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

Lydiard Level 2 Coach

Oxygen Advantage Functional Breath Coach

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